Maddy Child Angel of Santa Cruz (MCASC)
was established by family and friends
to give meaning to the death of 8-year old
Maddy Middleton,
who was lured, raped and murdered
by a teenage neighbor acquaintance.




The group's mission is to
help prevent child abduction, abuse and violence
by predators known by the potential victim.
We work to raise awareness and provide education
to children, families and communities
beyond "stranger danger" to encompass
"before you go, let someone know..."



Dan Middleton - Founder; Board Chairman

Donna Jacobs - President; Board Member

Eugene Eckis - Secretary; Board Member

Denise Vivar - Board Member

Judy Middleton - Treasurer

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Project Participants


Special thanks is given to Lissa Uselton who so graciously donated the design and development of this web site.

Special thanks is also given to Karen Denise Cook and Husband Don Cook, who together developed the very important child safety instructional phrase 

"Before you go, let someone know"

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Dan Middleton

MCASC Founder; Board Chairman Maddy’s paternal grandfather Shortly after Maddy's demise Dan decided that one of his missions was to eventually do something which would both keep Maddy's memory alive, and be significant in Maddy's name. MADDY CHILD ANGEL OF SANTA CRUZ is just what he was waiting for, and it showed up when he least expected it. This project has become very important to Dan to honor Maddy’s memory, and help protect children from similar fates.