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A proposal for a memorial to honor the memory of Maddy Middleton and to help the community heal from the tragic loss of an innocent and beautiful child of Santa Cruz has been submitted to the Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation Department. The proposal will be incorporated into the department's agenda which will be formally presented to the Santa Cruz City Council for approval in September of 2017.




Madyson Middleton's death almost two years ago incurred an intense emotional toll on the Santa Cruz community. When it was discovered that Maddy was missing, hundreds of volunteers joined the search for her. Her violent death absolutely shocked Santa Cruz. Family members and friends have launched a nonprofit organization called "Maddy Child Angel of Santa Cruz" to commemorate the life and spirit of Maddy. The objective of this organization is to erect a memorial statue within the City of Santa Cruz to ensure that she will always be remembered.

Contribution to the City of Santa Cruz

In Maddy's memory, the goal of Maddy Child Angel of Santa Cruz is to increase the well-being of the residents of the community. Through education to children, parents and communities, our objective is to help prevent child abduction, abuse and violence by predators known by the potential victim. We work to raise awareness beyond "stranger danger" to  encompass "before you go, let someone know."

Scope of Proposed Work

Create and install a bronze life-size portrait statue of Maddy on a pedestal, with small angel wings, standing or kneeling with her hands folded, looking up to heaven. The statue will depict realism, beauty and likeness to Maddy's image, and will be constructed to ensure strength and longevity of the memorial.

Proposed Memorial Physical Characteristics




Proposed Memorial Location


         San Lorenzo Park


- Statue material of construction: Bronze


- Base material of construction: Concrete, granite or rock


- Dimensions (approximate): 4' L x 4' W x 8' H


- Weight (total, estimate): 3,000 - 4,000 lbs

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